Fibre Net lands to Canada: fibrefence mesh to protect Calgary’s int. airport

Fibre Net Srl, a company based in Pavia di Udine (Italy) leading manufacturer of FRP composite materials, has been appointed by the Canadian Airport Authorities to supply a 3 km fence to Calgary International Airport YCC. FibreFENCE Mesh has been chosen to fence and protect airfield perimeter within recently installed radar range. Due to its high sensitivity, no metals were allowed within a safety range of approx 1km to avoid possible interferences.


At the same time, it was crucial to ensure airfield safety and security by mean of a robust enclosure, able to withstand not only possible intrusion attempts, but also the severe weather conditions typical of this region, with significant temperature variation, high humidity and snow/rain precipitations over 50% of the year.


Fibre Net FibreFENCE Mesh, thanks to intrinsic features of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) composites and to the unique production technology “TextrusionTM”, copes perfectly with all these needs, with further advantages in terms of very fast and easy installation and a virtually unlimited lifespan even in presence of harsh cold/heat/moisture cycles.


Despite the strict timeframe imposed by Canadian Airport Authorities, all goods have been delivered on due time to the awarded company Rite-Way fencing (2000) Inc., that was able to complete